The use of steel sheet piles is a fairly new practice, especially on the Romanian market, taking on significant significance due to the structural role they play.

#1 First of all, the steel sheet piles have a supporting role during the excavation stage to support the excavation walls.
#2 They create a sealed enclosure of the excavation area.
#3 They carry the role of a definitive structure as a perimeter wall and can take over from the vertical loads of the superstructure.

We can design and execute this solution for underground parkings both with the open excavation, and with the top down method.

The main benefit of using steel sheet piles as definitive structural elements in the construction of car parks and underground passages is the simplification of the execution stages, thus resulting in a significant reduction in costs and construction time.

The adoption of this solution with steel sheet piles transforms the temporary excavation support works into permanent works. The resulting sheet pile wall can act as a load-bearing wall or perimeter wall, which ultimately helps to reduce costs, speed of execution, and ensure high quality over time.


Aplications & Uses of the Steel Sheet Piles in the Construction of Underground Car Parkings (RO Content)
Presentation of Underground Parkings and Underpasses (RO Content)


Z-type sheet piles are the preferred choice for permanent applications. Millions of tons of U-shaped sheet piles have been used all over the world for all kind of structures for more than 100 years.
VLoad™ is a software to design concrete capping beams transferring significant vertical and/or horizontal loads into the steel sheet piles. The software is free of charge.
Durability is a software that simplifies the choice of a steel sheet pile section, taking into account the durability of steel in different environments, as well as the service life of the structure.