Dewatering systems are installations that allow excavating and constructing foundations below groundwater level, thus enabling dry work surfaces. They have a variable service life, depending on the type of execution, ground water level or special measures that require their use after the works are completed.

Our company performs several types of dewatering works:

Dewatering networks equipped with filters, suction pumps or submersible pumps of various types;

Direct water discharge from the excavated pit;

Wellpoint Vacuum filters.

This is a special technique of dewatering the groundwater using wellpoint system, it is applied to low cohesive earth like sand, sandy clay.

Used in the presence of excavations in predominant sand and gravel soils, where there is a large amount of water in the aquifer layer. These soils have a very high permeability, which is why usually the dewatering system has to be made of high diameter with high flow pumps.

Steel Sheet Piles are structural elements typically used in geotechnical works, as retention walls. They replace Diaphragm Walls and Secant / Tangent Pilots and they are installed much faster and in many cases at a lower cost.
We can install: Concrete Bulb Anchors, Duckbill Anchors (Metal Anchor), Tie-rods. Concrete Bulb Anchors are used to support retaining and support walls. Duckbill Anchors are used both for permanent and temporary cases.
Diaphragm walls are subsurface reinforced concrete structures formed and cast in slurry trenches. Excavation is accomplished by digging panels along temporary guide walls using a mechanical or hydraulic clam shell attached to a rig or crane.
Stone Columns installation is a convenient method for improvement of soft ground. Stone Columns are used to improve the infrastructure of roads, railways and buildings. We work with two technologies: Vibroflot Stone Columns, Geotextile Encased Stone Columns (Ringtrac®).
We execute concrete piles for ground improvement under the foundation and for retaining walls, having the following technologies: CFA – Continuous Flight Auger, CFA with Vibrated Casing, Screw Piles, Micropiles, Precast Concrete Piles.
Rigid inclusions are an economically advantageous form of land improvement. There are unreinforced concrete columns, installed to take vertical loads. Our teams can install Rigid Inclusions by vibration, using the Silent Piling method or using a drilling rig.