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Metal sheets are used for deep digging, well below the hydrostatic level. They can be used permanently or temporarily, their recovery is possible, so they can be reused. They are laminated profiles of type U, S or Z and they differ in the shape and the way of the interlocking


Silent Piler hydraulic press is used for mounting sheet piles in the immediate vicinity of the houses and in the vicinity of sensitive buildings with high seismic risk. This machine is unique in Romania and among the few in Europe.

We present the benefits of using Silent Piler:

Respect for the environment

Dewatering &  Silent Piling is very careful about this aspect and often the preliminary studies even start with samples designed to measure the noise and vibrations in the area around the site, being able to opt for the execution methods that minimize this impact. When working in close proximity or inside sensitive buildings, noise pollution and vibration propagation in the field is a sensitive issue, in this perspective Dewatering and Silent Piling has always invested in updating its technologies, replacing standard vibrohammers with high frequency and variable momentum and purchasing a “silent pillar" hydraulic press for static infiltration.

Static infiltration with “zero" vibration

Static planting respecting the environment without vibration and noise is perfect for working in the immediate vicinity of the houses and in the proximity of sensitive buildings with seismic risk picked up. For these reasons, the demands for silent-pillar hydraulic press, Dewatering and Silent Piling being one of the few companies in Europe updated from this point of view.

How does the Silent Piler hydraulic press work?

The hydraulic press moves on the bill. and inflicts without vibration each profile exerting on it a force of infusion obtained from the resistance to tearing of those previously planted.

Suitable for cohesive but also granular soils, and where the land is very compact it can intervene. working with pre-drilling or using a high pressure water jet unit capable of piercing even the most difficult layers.


We have the most advanced types of vibrohammers of high frequency and momentary variable. The difference between standard vibrohammers and those with high frequency and variable momentum is that at start up and shut down, the latter due to the system which is based on the variation of the positions of the eccentric weights, have the amplitude and the moment equal to 0. This phenomenon is obtained by maintaining mass pairs in opposition. It is known that the biggest impact that a standard vibrohammers has on the environment is at start up and shut down.

  • – compared to a standard vibrohammer, the high frequency one and variable momentum produces less vibration in the surrounding area, which are propagated over short distances. In the site measurements showed that the level of vibration measured at a distance of 2.00 m from a vibrohammer with variable moment corresponds approximately with the level of vibrations measured around a standard vibrohammer at a distance of 15.00 m;
    • – due to this eccentric weight control system, the vibrohammer produces virtually no vibration on the crane;
    • – the noise level is comparable with that due to road traffic.

Available equipment:

High frequency and momentarily variable vibration hammers with low noise emissions.

  • ICE 8RFSH – vibrohammer with variable moment, centrifugal force 0-436 kN;
  • PVE 2312 VM – vibrohammer with variable moment, centrifugal force 0-700 kN, dimensions 1559 x 672 x 1518 mm;
  • PVE 2320 VM – vibrohammer with variable moment, centrifugal force 0-1100 kN, dimensions 1849 x 637 x 2008 mm;
  • PVE 2335 VM – vibrohammer with variable moment, force centrifugal 0-2030 kN, dimensions 2384 x 825 x 2352 mm.

Lifting equipment:

  • Liebherr hoist crane mode. HS 845 HD 70-track track;
  • Bendini telescopic crane mod. 60-tonne Terex A600-1;
  • CAT 336 HHD UPPER tracked hydraulic excavator;
  • CAT 330 HHD UPPER tracked hydraulic excavator.


Dewatering & Silent Piling sells and rents hot rolled metal sheets used for creating protective enclosures, shore supports, sealing screens, etc.
These can be included in the project as temporary or permanent works;

Dewatering & Silent Piling is supplied with a rich variety, with different lengths and sections, to meet even the most demanding emergency supplies.

We provide the classic Larssen U-shaped profile, in different lengths and section size, Frodingham 1160 / 1260mm “Z" profile, which has a large width that allows to reduce the number of installations, C9 or L43 angle profiles to make any directional deviation.

All profiles they are made of high quality steel S270 GP or S355 GP.

Typology of profiles available on order:
• Profile in “U" type, Larssen type, and “Z", Frodingham type, of any weight, length and type of steel desired;
• Lightweight PVC.

palplanse pvc
Synthetic Sheet Piles
They are made of PVC (vinyl polychloride or composite material). They represent an alternative solution to steel hoists, concrete dams, gabions or castings in various hydrotechnical projects and beyond.
sisteme de epuisment
Exhaust systems
There are installations that allow the excavation and the construction of foundations below groundwater level, thus making it possible to ensure dry work surfaces.
palplanse metalice
Metal sheet piles
Sheet pile walls can be used in many situations, either as flood protection systems or for the protection of river banks. For the creation of new terraces, the walls provide both impermeability as well as stability.
parcari subterane
Underground parkings
The metal sheet piles can have a definitive structural wall role that can be used in the case of underground car parks and underground passages eliminating the need to make a concrete wall. The speed of execution and the impermeability make this solution the most desirable in recent years for these applications.
We have a wide range of equipment for making concrete and steel enclosures.
site contaminat
Contamination area isolation systems
The use of sheet piles as a solution in the intervention is a well-known method for our company due to the benefits both from the environmental impact, safety as well as the cost and time efficiency.