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Exhaust systems are installations that allow the excavation and construction of foundations below groundwater level, thus making it possible to ensure dry work surfaces. These have a variable operating life, depending on the type of execution, the ground level or some special measures that require their use and after the completion of the works. Our company performs several types of exhaustion works: 

  • Drilling networks equipped with filters, suction pumps or submersible pumps of various types;
  • Direct drainage of excavated pit water;
  • Acoustic filters with or without vacuum.

This is a special technique of depleting / depressing the groundwater with the help of acicular filters, it is applied to poorly cohesive soils with relatively low permeability, sandy dusts, dusty sands , prone to hydrodynamic training.

They are used in the presence of excavations in areas dominated by sand and gravel, inside which there is a large amount of water in the aquifer layer. These soils have a very high transmissivity, which is why the exhaust system must be made up of large diameter and high flow pumps.

The needle filters determine the temporary decrease of groundwater, in a professional and safe way by digging in the ground.

The principle of operation is essentially: in the extraction of water from the soil through a set of needle filters mounted in the ground to the depth required to lower the groundwater. It consists of a set of horizontal manifold pipes to which a vacuum suction pump is attached.

From the horizontal distributors, the variable joints are separated, the flexible joints connected to the lifting tubes inflatable to the ground to the desired depth. At the end of the lift tube, a reference point is installed that allows the water to be sucked in without removing the solid particles from the soil.

Drainage systems using drainage wells are used in excavations in areas dominated by sand or gravel,

inside which there is excess water due to high groundwater level or aquifer layer. These soils have very high permeability, which is why the extraction probe must contain high flow and diameter pumps.

As part of the well drain technology two different methodologies, which influence the choice of pumping design.

The two ways of solving the drainage problem with wells, provide: the execution of a gravitational drainage, respectively a drainage by depressurization. force of the aquifer.

palplanse pvc
Synthetic Sheet Piles
They are made of PVC (vinyl polychloride or composite material). They represent an alternative solution to steel hoists, concrete dams, gabions or castings in various hydrotechnical projects and beyond.
sisteme de epuisment
Exhaust systems
There are installations that allow the excavation and the construction of foundations below groundwater level, thus making it possible to ensure dry work surfaces.
palplanse metalice
Metal sheet piles
Sheet pile walls can be used in many situations, either as flood protection systems or for the protection of river banks. For the creation of new terraces, the walls provide both impermeability as well as stability.
parcari subterane
Underground parkings
The metal sheet piles can have a definitive structural wall role that can be used in the case of underground car parks and underground passages eliminating the need to make a concrete wall. The speed of execution and the impermeability make this solution the most desirable in recent years for these applications.
We have a wide range of equipment for making concrete and steel enclosures.
site contaminat
Contamination area isolation systems
The use of sheet piles as a solution in the intervention is a well-known method for our company due to the benefits both from the environmental impact, safety as well as the cost and time efficiency.