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Dewatering and Silent Piling has the ability to carry out any type of project with blades, either temporary or defined, having the most advanced machines in the field: vibrociocanes with high frequency and variable moment, hydraulic press for static pressing and extraction of pallets, without vibration and with minimal noise emissions, perfect equipment for construction sites in the vicinity of sensitive buildings or inhabited centers.

Dynamic method

The vibrohammer is the main machine used to insert sheet piles, steel tubes, concrete or other elements into the ground by producing vertical vibrations. the movement of the adjacent soil particles, thus the dynamic weight of the vibrohammer will penetrate the elements into the ground. p>

This method requires some observations made in relation to the relationship between the way the pavement is introduced and the land surrounding the site area.

First of all, we must emphasize that over time there has been a significant vibrohammer technology, moving from the standard frequency to the high frequency and variable moment, thus eliminating all the inconveniences that existed using the old equipment:

– Those with high frequency and variable moment produce less vibration in the surrounding area, propagated over short distances, compared to a standard vibrohammer.

– The noise level is comparable to that due to road traffic.

Static method

For this method a hydraulic press composed of the main mechanical body, the hydraulic unit and the reaction stand is used. The sheets are inserted into the ground using the proper weight of the press and the tear resistance of the already stamped sheets. In the initial phase to insert the first three levers, the press is locked on a special support «reaction stand», then moves independently on the three recessed levers. The lack of vibration allows the insertion of the levers up to a distance of 500 mm from a existing structure, without the risk of damaging it, of the equipment, installations or persons near the yard. This method allows the insertion

of sheet piles in unimaginable situations in the past for designers due to vibrations, close to sensitive structures, under bridges and viaducts, tunnels, railway lines, archaeological digs, redevelopments, in urban centers, etc. Another advantage of this method is the small size of this machine. Using this method you can work anywhere, because it has a low impact on the environment. In the case of compact granular soils, the performance of the press can be increased during the planting of the sheet piles using a high pressure water jet, so that the different layers are better perforated due to the softening of the soil; In clay soils, water serves as a lubricant to reduce lateral friction during penetration.



Execution of foundations for high voltage poles by using metal levers is a fairly developed niche in the Dewatering and Silent Piling portfolio, proposing solutions for both a new foundation system and an existing one. For an existing foundation system, the supporting elements such as metal pillars, foundations, respectively

reinforced concrete slabs that are protected by the creation of a perimeter wall made of metal sheet piles around the defense enclosure. Thus, the metal sheet piles, through the additional consolidation measures, are integrated in the foundation assembly of the pillar, realizing a rigid construction, in the form of a drawer. Following the execution of the perimeter enclosure from the sheet piles it is often necessary

for the stability of what remained inside the created perimeter. For a stabilization of the contents inside the enclosure and for a good fixing of the suspended parts at risk of displacement, injections are made with pressurized cement milk that cement the existing pieces of concrete, resulting in a rigid element filled inside with elements, representing the system. defense of the pillar foundation.



În prezent, conform estimărilor oficiale, în România sunt 1183 situri potenţial contaminate şi 210 situri contaminate.

Dewatering & Silent Piling susține operațiunile de decontaminare a terenurilor poluate și astfel prin proiectele sale intervine în acțiunile propriu-zise de curățare

a solului prin sigilarea și pregătirea acestora pentru procesele ulterioare de curățare. Folosirea de palplanșe ca soluție în cadrul intervenției reprezintă o metodă bine cunoscută pentru compania noastră datorită beneficiilor atât din punct de vedere al impactului asupra mediului, siguranță cât și eficiența costurilor și a timpului. De altfel, specialiștii

specialiștii noștri oferă consultanță, soluții și suport pe întreaga perioadă de desfășurare a intervenției.

Zona de intervenție necesită sigilare prin implantarea unui perete perimetral de palplanșe metalice care să delimiteze zona de intervenție de restul teritoriului.

Prin acest procedeu se urmărește depoluarea simultană a solului și a apei freatice. 


Currently, according to official estimates, there are 1183 potentially contaminated sites and 210 contaminated sites in Romania.

Dewatering & amp; Silent Piling supports the decontamination operations of the contaminated land and thus through its projects intervenes in the actual cleaning actions

of the soil by sealing and preparing them for subsequent cleaning processes. The use of sheet piles as a solution in the intervention is a well-known method for our company due to the benefits both from the environmental impact, safety as well as the cost and time efficiency. In fact,

our specialists provide advice, solutions and support throughout the entire period of the intervention.

The intervention area requires sealing by implanting a perimeter wall of metallic sheets to delimit the intervention area from the rest of the territory.

This process aims at the simultaneous depollution of soil and groundwater. 

palplanse pvc
Synthetic Sheet Piles
They are made of PVC (vinyl polychloride or composite material). They represent an alternative solution to steel hoists, concrete dams, gabions or castings in various hydrotechnical projects and beyond.
sisteme de epuisment
Exhaust systems
There are installations that allow the excavation and the construction of foundations below groundwater level, thus making it possible to ensure dry work surfaces.
palplanse metalice
Metal sheet piles
Sheet pile walls can be used in many situations, either as flood protection systems or for the protection of river banks. For the creation of new terraces, the walls provide both impermeability as well as stability.
parcari subterane
Underground parkings
The metal sheet piles can have a definitive structural wall role that can be used in the case of underground car parks and underground passages eliminating the need to make a concrete wall. The speed of execution and the impermeability make this solution the most desirable in recent years for these applications.
We have a wide range of equipment for making concrete and steel enclosures.
site contaminat
Contamination area isolation systems
The use of sheet piles as a solution in the intervention is a well-known method for our company due to the benefits both from the environmental impact, safety as well as the cost and time efficiency.