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Autodesk Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs make possible a new collaborative way of working using a model created based on consistent and reliable design information, allowing faster decisions, better documentation, and the ability to evaluate. the different variants for the sustainable construction of the building and the infrastructure by analyzing the performances since the project phase.


The sequence of the project management phases is as follows:


GEO Study






GIS (Geographic Information System) is the framework that allows data collection, management and analysis. With its roots in the science of geography, GIS integrates several types of data. Analyzes spatial locations and organizes layers of information in visualizations using 3D maps and scenes. With this unique capability, GIS reveals a deeper understanding of data, such as patterns, relationships and situations – helping users make smarter decisions.  

palplanse pvc
Synthetic Sheet Piles
They are made of PVC (vinyl polychloride or composite material). They represent an alternative solution to steel hoists, concrete dams, gabions or castings in various hydrotechnical projects and beyond.
sisteme de epuisment
Exhaust systems
There are installations that allow the excavation and the construction of foundations below groundwater level, thus making it possible to ensure dry work surfaces.
palplanse metalice
Metal sheet piles
Sheet pile walls can be used in many situations, either as flood protection systems or for the protection of river banks. For the creation of new terraces, the walls provide both impermeability as well as stability.
parcari subterane
Underground parkings
The metal sheet piles can have a definitive structural wall role that can be used in the case of underground car parks and underground passages eliminating the need to make a concrete wall. The speed of execution and the impermeability make this solution the most desirable in recent years for these applications.
We have a wide range of equipment for making concrete and steel enclosures.
site contaminat
Contamination area isolation systems
The use of sheet piles as a solution in the intervention is a well-known method for our company due to the benefits both from the environmental impact, safety as well as the cost and time efficiency.