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The temporary draining of a ground inside a watertight bulkhead placed on the perimeter of the excavation, for example in the case of a diaphragm or a Jet_Grouting, makes necessary the installation of a drainage system which does not interfere with the structures in CA and especially it avoid their drilling.

In this particular case it work with systems that are installed under the mat foundations, that solution helps to avoid both the drilling of the surface of the stalls and of the vertical walls, holes which might to give rise to water infiltration when you turn off pump systems.

The technical choice of the most appropriate materials for the drainage pit below, are bound to the lithological characteristics of the ground present on site, and then to its permeability, in fact, based on the type of ground may adopt various drainage techniques, at times very different from them.

The wrong choice of the type of system to install under the mat foundation may involve problems on its proper functioning, one of these is the possibility that there is a clogging of the filter system aspirants with the consequent loss of efficiency of the entire system, having regard to the particular location, which is under the foundation  of the cast, something unexpected like this makes it impossible for an intervention to restore back  the pumping system.

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