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Benefits of the definitive sheet pile

Benefits of the definitive sheet pile the benefits of building technique with sheet piling in view than conventional techniques with concrete cutoff walls and Berlin micropiles are:

Rapid execution
  • No need to implement guide kerbstones and consequent demolition of the same;
  • Intervention without the use of mortars to dry bentonite or polymer resulting in problems and charges of disposal of special waste in landfills;
  • Speed of execution of the work (an average of 15/20 linear meters per day);
  • No need to wait ripening times, then proceed immediately with the excavations by speeding and reducing costs;
  • Excavation performed to proceed immediately with the floor slabs, columns and floors being the steel wall ready for work.

This construction technique has been applied for from now Dewatering & Silent Piling only for underground parking, but others are scenarios in which it can be exploited, such as pumping stations or storage tanks.

Cost savings
  • Elimination of charges related to the security and support of excavation slope (the estimated costs for temporary works are transformed into the final cost of the works);
  • Elimination of cost and time for the realization of the wall including, charges more for larger excavations, formwork, reinforcement, waterproofing, etc.
Guarantee high quality
  • Guaranteed waterproof to water infiltration or groundwater. On the whole surface of the traditional diaphragm the material presents a certain level of porosity, however with a good piling gargame  well welded or treated with special gel ensures permeability nothing.
  • Structure is guaranteed to seismic actions that the fire without the use of intumescent paints in compliance with the current regulations.

When the work provisionally scheduled for the temporary support of excavation slope becomes in effect a definitive work.

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