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Respect for  the environment

Dewatering & Silent Piling  is  very  attentive  to this  aspect  and  preliminary  studies often  begin  with  their  own  tests  to measure  the  amount  of  noise  and vibration in the surrounding yard, so opt for those implementing rules that minimize these impacts. When  working  near  or  within sensitive  buildings,  noise  and vibration  propagation  in  soil  issues are  deeply  felt,  and  in  this  Dewatering and Silent Piling has always invested to upgrade its  technology,  vibratory  hammers replacing  those  standards  with  high frequency  and  variable  frequency and  buying  a  hydraulic  press  silent piler piling static.

Static piling at “zero” vibrations.

The static embedding in an environmentally responsible “zero” vibrations and silence is perfect for interventions in residential areas and near buildings or sensitive items. For these reasons are increasing the demands for action hydraulic press with Silent Piler, Dewatering & Silent Piling S.R.L. and ‘the only reality’ in Europe to have updated in this direction.

How does hydraulic press silent piler?

The HYDRAULIC PRESS SILENT piler moves on the sheet pile and sinks without vibrations each new section in the ground on the same exerting a thrust force obtained from the resistance to ‘extraction of those previously fixtures. Perfectly suitable for cohesive soils but also for granular, and where the soil is very compact, you can take action preoperating holes or by coupling the drive to press with high-pressure water jet is able to “break” the layers more difficult. Productivity and flexibility of use are much improved if you use the jet: a spear with a plate is welded to the mounting pile and both are inserted into the ground simultaneously; once it reaches the desired depth, the spear is removed and then reused.

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